About Us

Taking its first step on the 24th day of August 2006 at Bangalore, the firm is dedicated to provide innovative and creative legal strategies and solutions to serve the interests of the clients. Legal Monk is a full service corporate law firm legalmonk with 2 Partners with Associates/Consultants. Its practice areas include Venture capital funding assistance, business plan drafting, legal matters with ROC, SEBI guidelines, corporate, commercial and tax laws, project finance, infrastructure projects, banking and insurance, bankruptcy and insolvency, securitization, antitrust and competition, litigation, alternative dispute resolution, constitutional law, intellectual property and technology practice, government and regulatory affairs, trade laws, anti-dumping, environmental laws, infrastructure projects, privatization and disinvestment.

Legal Monk is a highly regarded law firm providing proactive, client-focused, interdisciplinary services that result in high – value legal advice for our clients.

The firm is a ‘full services’ law firm dealing in all aspects of Corporate and Commercial laws in India. We provide assistance to our valued clients, both national and multi-national, in litigation as well as non-litigious legal matters and also offer qualitative opinions and consultancies

The Partners of the firm have been associated in various national and international transactions of repute. We also have a strong in-house litigation department headed by partners having decade of litigation experience in handling matters before the Court.
Legal Monk has evolved itself to become a service organization, which takes pride in “delivering solutions”. The firm recognizes that the success of any transaction lies in its closure and this philosophy has resulted in the firm developing innovative yet practical solutions to the clients’ problems. This however, has not compromised the standard of advice, which the firm provides to its clients. The firm believes in telling its clients what they “ought” to hear rather than what they “want” to hear.

Legal Monk believes in understanding the business sensitivities of our client in each transaction and then work as an integrated part of the client’s team in every assignment for its thorough success. The firm always feels that the commercial success of any project depends on a number of factors including the quality of advice that is provided and the experience of the team providing such advice. We recognize this need and therefore, have a dedicated team of professionals who specialize in handling commercial projects with a practical and solution-oriented approach.

” LegalMonk ” is our brand through which we became very famous in corporate legal circles… soon to catch up with the brand popularity.. we changed our firm’s name from “Corporate Consulates (India) Private Limited” to
” LegalMonk Advisors Private Limited

The Core Team

Mr. Manjunath

law graduate with more than 18 years of experience in the field of corporate financial reconstruction & planning. His services have been utilized by many companies for handling their corporate legal compliances including handling of public issues. Mr. Manjunath excels in finding faster and easier legal way outs for corporate legal problems & hurdles of the highest order..
He has also helped few companies to grow from angel investment level to venture funding level and ultimately has helped them to go public.

Mr. Manjunatha Reddy

a company secretary by profession with more than 15 years of experience in handling all the intricate matters of SEBI, FEMA & ROC, etc… Being an highly educated in the relevent field helps him to grasp the legal matters pertaining to the IPO for the companies very fast to the very depth.

He is the former Chairman of Bangalore Chapter of ISCI.

He looks into the corporate-legal requirements for the IPO or for a venture capital. He has presented many papers on funding & financing for the companies.

Operating Principles

What makes us tick is a coherent system of operating principles that we consistently follow and underlie our daily operations and business transactions. These unwavering principles that we hold as the core of our identity not only guide us in the pursuit of professional excellence, but also lead us through the treacherous business territories that sometimes challenge us. These principles are…

Alignment of Interests

We believe that establishing the proper incentive and executive compensation scheme is essential to the successful outcome of any business co-operation and partnership. We ensure that the financial interests of all parties involved, i.e. investors, partners, management executives and employees, are appropriately aligned, so that all of these participants focus on one common objective of creating exceptional long-term equity appreciation and investment returns. We believe in setting goals and assigning responsibility and accountability. Our bonus and equity participation reward system drive all parties involved strive in unison towards our mutual target of making investments successful by building successful companies.

Fairness, Integrity & Ethics

We mean what we say. We believe in hard work and work hard to earn the trust, respect, and loyalty of everyone we work with. It is important that we are straightforward, open and honest when we partner with our investors, management executives and entrepreneurs in the process of creating value and growth. Internally, within our own firm, we adhere to the same principle of trust, respect and integrity to make our firm a better business organization. Most of all, we are resolute in conducting business with the highest ethical standards. There is nothing more valuable than treating others fairly and honestly and developing a bond that often leads to more opportunities, higher achievement and deeper satisfaction.

Innovation & Flexibility

There is never just one way to achieve a goal. Our business is about ideas and innovation that can create and change the markets of the future. We understand that the best opportunities often require us to swim against the tide, to search for potential in areas that are outside the mainstream, and to recognize the value that the capital markets have overlooked. Such under-explored areas, when paired with a strong management team and a solid capital base, offer the greatest opportunities to create significant value and generate superior returns. Our ability to think outside the box emphasizes the belief that many attractive investment opportunities exist outside the bounds of the conventional wisdom of the moment. Nimbly responding to ever-changing opportunities and challenges is the key to everlasting success. In this perspective, we will continue to consider investments in a wide variety of industries while capitalizing our portfolio companies in a conservative manner.

Long-term Partnership & Commitment

Developing a strong working relationship with management teams, based on mutual trust and respect, is critical to the success of any investment we make or facilitate. We prefer to jointly develop a plan to build a bigger and better company. While we generally take the lead in structuring transactions, our investments always include meaningful equity participation by the management teams. From the time of investment, we view ourselves as a resource for management teams, there to assist them in accomplishing their goals. We engage in a patient, long-term partnership strategy. Successful emerging growth investments typically require active monitoring of, and significant participation in, major business decisions. We take very seriously the commitment to help our portfolio companies grow and prosper and strive to be a true partner to our portfolio companies, one that provides not only capital but also business expertise and access to networks and resources that will enhance the company’s long-term profitability.

Result-Oriented Approach

We are only successful if our investors and portfolio companies are successful. We focus exclusively on our clients’ interests. We earn our living by building profitable portfolio companies, by producing satisfying investment returns, and by offering high standard investment banking services. In the end, everything we do is measured by the hard results we produce.


We are keenly aware of the sensitive nature of investment participation or liquidity exit for some of our investors, shareholders and management executives. We also understand the intricate personal, tax and financial issues involved in the process. Particularly in investment banking transactions, while the need for liquidity can be compelling, a highly visible exit from an investment could be detrimental to the standing of either an institution or individual. We pride ourselves on fully respecting these privacy issues and strictly observing the confidentiality principle throughout all business transactions.

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